Hannah helps doctors be more financially savvy, have the lifestyle they deserve and still pay the right amount of tax. As a tax accountant who primarily works with doctors, she always see doctors work long hours at tax season to fund their tax bills. She cares about doctors’ financial well-being, as it will help doctors be happier at their work, so help more people can become happier and healthier. Also Hannah is passionate about helping more people live healthier. She is now contributing part of the business revenue to global causes about health. She would like to use her accounting business as a vehicle to make an impact on people’s health and speaks up for the causes she cares about!


Hannah’s Core Message: 

“If we focus on what we do for living, we will only make a living. If we focus on something bigger than ourselves, we can make a fortune!”



“I’ve seen Hannah wow the audience every single time with her captivating stories. She blends in humor and moral of the story beautifully.” — Mira Rutter

“Hannah is an exceptional speaker, there is nothing BORING about the accountant in her. She is professional, committed and genuinely care about the subject she speaks on. Her charming smile and amazing personality is what wins people’s heart when she speaks. She truly speaks from the heart” — Mina Velani

“If you are looking for an experienced, engaging, innovative and knowledgeable Hannah is your woman. I have been following Hannah’s speaker journey for a couple of years now and have to say she is my absolute favorite speaker on wealth, accounting & anything tax saving.” — Annik Petrou

‘Hannah is one of the most engaging speakers I have seen. Her wit, humour and intelligence comes through during her talks and her style and presence grab and hold the listener, particularly when speaking about challenging subjects.’ — Rachel Bird


Her 3 signature talk topics are:

  1. Impact before Income
  2. Your Health is Your Ultimate Wealth
  3. How Millionaires Think About Tax



Your Health is Your Ultimate Wealth (with Pony Express)

Impact Before Income (with Speak Up Like A Diva)

Inspiring Interview…


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