About Me

Hannah is the founder of Xceptional Consultancy, that provides accountancy and tax services to healthcare professionals.

Hannah is trained professionally as a tax accountant, who also has an interest in studying about the riches and how they deal with their money and tax bills. She learned her concept in tax planning from Rich Dad’s accountant. She also studied wealth growth from various books about the riches, including Think and grow rich (Napoleon Hill), Money Master the Game (Tony Robbins), and Profit First (Mike Michalowicz), etc, etc. Hannah incorporates her study about riches into her day to day accounting and tax advice, and she aims to make it understandable, exciting and fun.

Hannah is also the creator of the weekly livestreaming show WealthAbility LIVE, where she helps her audience discover their ability to create wealth. As helping people building wealth faster is part of her professional work, she believes that Wealth is not just about accumulating money, but living in harmony with their money, their health and other areas of life. Her livestreaming show will be around the 3 Pillars of Wealth: Health, Money Mindset, and Practical Money Guidance.

With a passion in health, in 2017 Hannah started to donate part of her business income to the global causes that are related to human health, and she realized that the higher purpose of her business is to make the world a healthier place.

Due to her holistic approach, Hannah and her firm, Xceptional Consultancy, was nominated as in accountancy industry award 2017 Practice Excellence Pioneer.

PE 2017


When Hannah is NOT an accountant, Hannah is passionate about living a healthy lifestyle. Her favorite hobby is fitness and she is a black belt in TaeKwonDo.