Doctors of The Future – Changing The Way Healthcare is Delivered in The UK

In this article, we will discuss doctors of the future and how technology can change the way we deliver healthcare in the UK. Dr Ali, the founder of the app DocNoc, has taken some time to sit with Hannah Xu to talk about the business and how the idea was formed.

Dr Ali has been a qualified doctor since 2002 and has been working with the NHS since 2005. He has worked mainly in general surgery and now doing some accident and emergency work as well as working on the app DocNoc.

What is DocNoc? 

DocNoc is a new app focusing on how to practice medicine. The idea of DocNoc formed from working for the NHS. Dr Ali had started to notice that there was an increased demand on services and there is a lack of resources to meet this demand. This demand created a group of patients which are not very ill and do not need emergency care. These patients that fall between these two groups are mainly the patients that struggle the most. The reason being is not because the NHS is not good, it is because there is a lack of resources which creates delay in the services.

When you have a health concern and there is a delay in finding out what is wrong, it creates a sense of anxiety. This anxiety leads to other problems in personal lives and work. These group of patients will keep asking and demanding the quickest and easiest access to healthcare. With technology continuously evolving, digital health is booming and you can get anything on-demand nowadays. That is how DocNoc was formed, you can use digital technology to ease access to healthcare and you can do that by giving patients the choice to see a doctor the way that they want to see a doctor. At the same time, the app gives doctors the flexibility to work.

How Does It Work?

There are 3 ways you can see a doctor nowadays. You can either go to a clinic, you can ask them to see you at home or you can have a video consultation. The founders of DocNoc wanted to put all the services onto one platform so that patients can choose what service they want and what specialty they want to see. There are primary, urgent care, specialist care and mental health care. From the doctor’s side, any doctor can join, doctors in the UK are fit to practice and need to be under the compliance procedure to make sure all the doctors are fit on the platform. Doctors can work any time they want, they can choose any service they want to provide as well. They can choose to provide a video call, a home visit or a clinic appointment if they have their own private clinic. The doctors are completely independent and are in charge of their fees and their time/services.

Doctors Affected by IR35

A lot of doctors are affected by IR35 since April 2017 if they are working for NHS hospitals. But with DocNoc, Doctors are in charge of their rates and working schedules. Their operation will be more like a ‘virtual private practice’ thus is allowed to operate via a limited company.

However, it is advisable to seek for professional advice before deciding whether or not to set up a limited company.

Is DocNoc Competing with the NHS?

DocNoc is not competing with the NHS, there is a need and with this app they are trying to respond to that need. There is a need there because there is a lack of resources for the NHS and there is an increased demand. DocNoc are trying to compliment the NHS, they believe any patients that can be seen through the platform provided can relieve a bit of pressure off of the NHS. For the future, DocNoc want to develop a whole system that operates digitally and where they can actually introduce it to the NHS to improve access and the flow of patients. 

What is DocNoc’s Vision for The Future?

DocNoc want to provide patients with a realistic service, a type of service that takes the patients through a journey to better health. This includes initial consultations with a doctor and any steps before that which include preventative medicine, patients looking after themselves and monitoring their own health. DocNoc aims to enable patients to have investigations done within the community and to relieve pressure from hospitals. They strongly believe that if they can achieve that then things can change dramatically in the way healthcare is delivered because of the main problems is communication between patients in the community and their doctors.

How Can Doctors Stand-out by Using This Platform?

Doctors in the UK are one of the best in the world, not only clinically but also in terms of their commitments to patient care. Unfortunately, there is a sense of burnout as well in the NHS among doctor’s due to poor resources, they feel overworked and underappreciated. What DocNoc offers to doctors is an opportunity to be in charge of how they want to deliver medicine using available digital technology. Doctors can choose when they want to work, what service they want to provide, they can set their own fees and organise their own work. This holistic system will make sure that the actual service that is delivered is a good service and a good quality of care is delivered to patients which is DocNoc’s priority from the doctor’s side and the patients side. It is always important to remember that a happy and healthy doctor will deliver better care than a doctor that is unhappy.

DocNoc are currently nominated for 3 awards which includes entrepreneur of the year, diverse medic of the year and health-tech of the year!

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